About Us

We’re Cape Town’s fastest growing comedy show - home to some of Cape Town’s best comics & always inviting to visiting comedians!

Comedy on Kloof is a women-run show that spotlights non-cis men to grow on the comedy scene in a safe and welcoming space. We’ve partnered with Vortex Shisha Lounge to house our show, where we incubate this talent to create a more diverse comedy scene in years to come. Of course, we still welcome cis men to perform at our space though!

We’re also a queer-friendly event and aim to be a safe space for all*. Grab your friends or come on your own to enjoy well-known and undiscovered talent every Tuesday at 8 PM.

You can view our weekly lineups on Instagram and if you’d like to hop on the lineup, you can pop us a message here.

*We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination by comedians and patrons in our space.

Luna Cat Rescue

Being a queer-women run show, we’re all about the p….ossibility of finding new homes and foster homes for kittens in Cape Town!

That’s why we support Luna Cat Rescue, a women-run NPC, that does amazing work to rehabilitate and rehome the cats and kittens from underserved areas in Cape Town.

If fostering a partner isn’t working out for you, fostering a cat certainly will!

See all the great work Luna does for our feline friends here.